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We're a small creative web design company.
Our office is located at Teurastamo, Helsinki.

Kuva: AskoJonathan Photography

Kuva: AskoJonathan Photography


Kerttu Jaatinen

Owner & Founder. Web Designer. DIT. Editor.

After gaining valuable experience at multitasking as a freelancer and jumping between creative works and Digital Imaging Technician gigs in Film & TV, Kerttu founded Noita Digital as a ploy to do her best creative work and gain personal freedom. In her spare time she does kino kabarets, appreciates burlesque and arts - and loves cats.

Kerttu is also Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

Puhun myös suomea!


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Satu Järvi

Web Designer

Satu works as a part-time freelancer for Noita Digital. She has a degree in media studies and is currently studying social sciences at Helsinki University. She is passionate about personal development, learning new things and traveling the world.



Arne Eriksen

Boatbuilder, copywriter and translator

In his day-to-day life Arne builds traditional boats on the west coast of Norway. He is a scion of a sea-Sámi family and a product of the multi-cultural communities of northern Norway, which - combined with a life spent traveling around the world and a childhood with his nose buried in a book - have left him something of a polyglot. This is why, when he's not out swinging an axe or sailing a wooden boat, he is the go-to guy for translations. 🇳🇴 🇫🇮 🇬🇧 


Trusted Freelancers

Great results come from combining talents, that's why we love to collaborate with a select few freelancers - whether it's studio photography, coding or re-branding. Depending on your projects needs it's possible to assemble a dynamic group of talented individuals to create a tailored digital ensemble.


We create websites with a effective mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website, so your content will look great on every device, every time.



We use Squarespace

We use Squarespace for Web Design. We're part of Squarespace Circle.

Kerttu Jaatinen is a Authorized Squarespace trainer. More info about Squarespace Authorized trainers here.

There are lot of different platforms and ways to build websites, we specialize with Squarespace.