Website Launch: Scandinavian Turnaround Partners

The project with Peter Vapaamies has been a very interesting and refreshing one, since my typical customer is usually from creative professionals - mostly the Finnish movie and TV industries. Scandinavian Turnaround Partners is from a very different industry altogether, namely that of corporate turnaround management. It has been a particularly rewarding challenge to try to get my head around the expectations and needs of a different clientele and potential user, as well as the structure and content of the website.

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Website Launch: Suoni

Tutkimusyhdistys Suoni ry harjoittaa aktivistista eli yhteiskunnallista ja toiminnallista musiikintutkimusta. Se tutkii musiikkikulttuuria tasa-arvon ja yhdenvertaisuuden näkökulmasta pyrkien muuttamaan musiikillisia käytäntöjä yhteiskunnallisesti ja ympäristöllisesti oikeudenmukaisemmiksi. Samalla se edistää musiikillista toimintaa ja musiikintutkimusta yhteiskunnallisen keskustelun sijana. Riippumaton yhdistys tekee yhteistyötä suomalaisten musiikki- ja kulttuuritoimijoiden kanssa.

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Website Launch: Meri Mort

Website Launch

Meri Mort - Yoga & Illustrations

We designed and build a portfolio site for Meri Mort.

This project was managed by Web Designer Satu Järvi.

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Social media can't replace a good website

Does a business need a separate webpage if it has an active Facebook account?

The need for a webpage in the age of social media may not be immediately apparent to an entrepreneur, but there are a number of perspectives worth considering. Being active on social media is definitely important, and some may find it is sufficient for their needs. It is, however, worth keeping in mind that social media platforms are owned by businesses, and thus they will always operate on their own premises. The businesses in question may change their terms and conditions at a rapid pace, which can have unpredictable results for your business. The worst case scenario is that your page gets removed either temporarily or permanently. An other thing to consider is that trends change, and even though social media aren’t likely to disappear in the foreseeable future, it is difficult to predict what their role will be two years from now. Social media platforms also constantly change their algorithms, which will have an impact on the visibility and traffic of your page.

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