Website Launch: Scandinavian Turnaround Partners


Photography by Claudio Nava
Scandinavian Turnaround Partners Logo Design Jari Salo

The project with Peter Vapaamies has been a very interesting and refreshing one, since my typical customer is usually from creative professionals - mostly the Finnish movie and TV industries. Scandinavian Turnaround Partners is from a very different industry altogether, namely that of corporate turnaround management. It has been a particularly rewarding challenge to try to get my head around the expectations and needs of a different clientele and potential user, as well as the structure and content of the website.

In addition to designing the website, I’ve been assisting Peter in creating a consistent internet presence for him and his company. Graphic Designer Jari Salo stood for the design of the logo for Scandinavian Turnaround Partners, and Claudio Nava took the portrait pictures of Peter.

The website is now published and our work together continues. Why don’t you check it out?

- Kerttu