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Social media can't replace a good website

Does a business need a separate webpage if it has an active Facebook account?

The need for a webpage in the age of social media may not be immediately apparent to an entrepreneur, but there are a number of perspectives worth considering. Being active on social media is definitely important, and some may find it is sufficient for their needs. It is, however, worth keeping in mind that social media platforms are owned by businesses, and thus they will always operate on their own premises. The businesses in question may change their terms and conditions at a rapid pace, which can have unpredictable results for your business. The worst case scenario is that your page gets removed either temporarily or permanently. An other thing to consider is that trends change, and even though social media aren’t likely to disappear in the foreseeable future, it is difficult to predict what their role will be two years from now. Social media platforms also constantly change their algorithms, which will have an impact on the visibility and traffic of your page.

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Sosiaalinen media ei korvaa verkkosivuja

Tarvitseeko yrittäjä erilliset nettisivut jos hänellä on esimerkiksi aktiivinen Facebook-sivu?

Nettisivujen tarpeellisuus sosiaalisen median aikakaudella saattaa pohdituttaa monia yrittäjiä.  Asiaan liittyy muutama eri näkökulma joita on hyvä tarkastella. Aktiivisuus sosiaalisessa mediassa on ehdottomasti tärkeää, ja osa voi kokea sen omiin tarpeisiinsa riittäviksi. Kannattaa kuitenkin muistaa se, että sosiaaliset mediat ovat liikeyritysten omistamia alustoja, joissa toimitaan aina kyseisten yritysten ehdoilla. 

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Entrepreneur, invest in your business

A good website is vital for an entrepreneur

Running a business comes with a surprising amount of expenses. As your income may vary, it is natural to try and cut costs wherever possible, especially in the starting stages of entrepreneurship. When you're budgeting your necessary investments, your website might not be on the top of your mind, and so the cost of a professional one may come as a surprise to the unprepared starting businessperson. Even so, your website is one of the things you do not want to skimp on.

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Pienyrittäjä - sijoita yritykseesi

Hyvät verkkosivut ovat pienyrittäjälle elintärkeät Yrittämiseen liittyy valtava määrä erilaisia kuluja, osa kertaluontoisia ja osa jatkuvia. Tulot vaihtelevat ja moni pyrkii varmasti minimoimaan menoeriä mahdollisimman paljon, erityisesti yrityksen alkuvaiheessa.

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