Website Launch: Meri Mort


Website Launch

Meri Mort - Yoga & Illustrations

We designed and build a beautiful website site for Illustrator & Yoga Teacher Meri Mort. Go check it out!

This project was managed by Web Designer Satu Järvi.

Yoga is the song of the body
— Vanda Scaravelli

About Meri, from Meri’s website:


”Once you start yoga, you open a book and the chapters just seem to increase. It’s a never ending, always giving, joyful path.” Come experience a completely liberating and radical approach to yoga that can help you deepen your knowledge and awareness of your inner and outer beauty.

This style of yoga is unique and will nourish your body and soul with new, liberating and interesting techniques. I have been teaching regularly varying styles of yoga since 2005. I am trained 330h in Finland and RYT200h in India with the Health Mandala -team. I call this way the YOGA OF FREEDOM and the emphasis can be in being dynamic, connecting with partner or just opening up and gently letting go. All teaching is soft and explorative. We are focusing to have a healthy spine.

My special love in the yoga at the moment are the spiral movement, grounding the feet and visual relaxations, yoga nidras.


Interested of lightening the inner fire and riding the wave of the spine? Practice suits also for beginners. In classes there is no such a thing as advanced yogi, there is no competition or goals. Yoga is the path to the realization that You are already perfect just the way you are.

My great teachers among others have been Helen Noakes, Peter Clifford, Sandra Sabatini, Ru Jahn and of course, all the students that I have had the joy of communicating, sharing and loving with. Path of yoga is never lonely and the journey of smiles, drops and light continues!


Little stories, still moments and beauty can be found around the corner. Doing visuals is an endless joy! At the moment I am working on childrens books and animations, visual identities for interesting enterprises. Check out the portfolio from here and ask if you have any visuals ideas that need help to bring to life.

Drop me a message! I also teach private lessons in fluent English in Helsinki. Also private sessions available for groups and individuals.

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